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Hostel Horror Stories

Hostel Horror Stories

As a solo female traveler, I’ve had so many people ask me about hostel horror stories. I get it, sharing a room with complete strangers sounds terrifying. For the most part, it’s completely fine. I have no issues with it and I actually quite enjoy getting the chance to meet new people. I say this, and I’ve literally spent over a year of my life living in hostels all over the world, so I know. But sometimes it’s not so peachy… So I thought I would collect a few of my worst horror stories and let you all have a laugh.

The creeps

I’m sure most people when they think of a hostel horror story it’s from creepy guys with women. I’ve never had that many bad stories with guys being creeps, thankfully, but there are a few. Nothing to put my life in danger but enough to make me sit on edge a bit. Or just hide away in my bunk, if I’m lucky enough that he’s not in my room.

The first story is with a Dutch guy in Australia. He worked at the hostel and was very kind but just a little too forward. You know when a guy likes you and he just always appears by your side and gets a little too close for comfort? Yeah, that was him. He always sat a little too close, leaned in way too close, and managed to find where I was at all times. My roommate at the time always laughed at him for it but thankfully he was there to rescue me when this guy leaned in way too close for comfort while chatting with me. “Hey Sarah, can you teach me guitar?” he would ask. “Yes! Yup, I’m there. Let’s go!” I would reply as I rushed away from this guy.

Another story is of a German guy, also in Australia, whom I’d heard didn’t make a lot of friends with many people. Apparently, on a night out he head-butted some poor girl, if this is true I don’t know, that’s just what I had heard. But since he was in my room he always tried to hit on me. “Hey, wanna go to the casinos? You can be the pretty girl next to me feeding me compliments.” Excuse me while I barf. That’s all fine and dandy except for the part where he would sit on the bunk opposite me and stare at my chest the entire time we would chat. I’m just going to slap you now. Go to your casinos and don’t come back. The fact that he didn’t get kicked out still amazes me.

There was also the guy working at a hostel in Germany. He was American and seemed friendly enough but he would make jokes at how I was “avoiding” him by going a different way to my room instead of going by the reception. He would know because he would look at the cameras. Uh… what? I was just going to my room but now I will definitely avoid you…

Thankfully those were the worst cases and they’re not so bad. I have had weird old men in hostel rooms, those who choose the bunk right next to me in a completely¬†free room but nothings ever happened. Maybe I’m anti-social but that’s just… why? Anyway!

The guy who almost didn’t make it

Whilst staying in a 4-bed dorm an older man checked in to my room. There were only 4 bunks and unfortunately he had the top bunk. Now when I say older, I mean like 50’s-60’s older. I felt bad he had top bunk but neither of the guys on the bottom would give up their beds for him. Well, one night at about 1am, I just heard the loudest fart I’d ever heard. It completely woke me up and I swear it sounded like he was about to have diarrhea on his bed. I just heard him scramble out of bed and run to the toilet. I honestly felt bad for him. It happens. But ew.¬† The next morning the guy below him told me his nightmare that the older man wouldn’t make it. Bleh.

Walking in on couples

Of course, there are stories of couples. I once walked into my room which was completely empty except this couple on a top bunk. I immediately saw them and probably blushed harder than they did because they literally just stayed in position staring at me, waiting for me to leave. I quickly walked to my bed to get what I needed and walked out as they just sat layed there waiting.

I’ve also had couples in my room, whom, thankfully I slept through it all, but they’ve just gone at it with everyone else in their beds. Like, what? Ever heard of privacy? Does it really not bother you that there is a guy on his phone just a few feet away from you? I just… Ah, I couldn’t!


But aside from all of that, I still love hostels. I love meeting new people and always having things to do. They’re so social and fun and honestly I feel safer in hostels than some hotels. You make friends and have people their to help you out if needed instead of being alone in some hotel room.

So what are your hostel horror stories? Any gross people or weird situations you’ve been in? Let me know in the comments below!



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