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Why I Am Vegan

Why I Am Vegan

When people find out that I am vegan, they always ask, “why?”. It’s understandable. It’s a simple question. Being vegan, as trendy as it is now, is still something that not many people do and people are curious about it. Especially as a traveler. “But, don’t you want to try all of the local cuisines?” So I thought I would write a post on why I am vegan. For anyone curious.

I am vegan for ethical and environmental reasons. I am vegan because it is wrong to slave, cage, and kill animals. It is killing, not only animals but the environment and humans. We are destroying the planet by destroying rainforests for animal agriculture, growing crops only to feed those animals enough food that could end world hunger, overfishing in the oceans, and the list goes on.

Animal agriculture is unethical, unsustainable, and a disgusting industry that should be banished. If more people saw where their food comes from, the conditions the animals live in, they would all go vegan.

I wasn’t always vegan though. Growing up I ate meat with almost every meal. Everything had butter, cheese, eggs, and meat, and I thought that was healthy and okay. My family hunts so we would have fresh venison often. It was just the circle of life. It was how we all thought.

Though I knew where meat came from, it wasn’t until I was in culinary school in a class for butchering that I really made the connection. I knew a few things about vegetarianism and veganism before but sitting there with a knife in my hand and the task of breaking down a whole cow, a pig, chickens… it was just too much. I looked at these poor animals and finally felt responsible for what I was doing. If it wasn’t for people like me they would still be alive.

And so I went vegetarian. And after a year of that, I knew I had to make the next step to veganism. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Since going vegan my health has improved both physically and mentally, and I feel like I’m actually doing something good for the world. Plant-based veganism is the healthiest diet for everyone and could cure our obesity epidemic along with many of our other health problems around the world, like heart disease and diabetes.

Because of veganism, I am more aware of what I am putting into my body and what my purchases are doing for the world around me. I check ingredients, labels, brands, to see which are doing good for both me and the world. Which chemicals cause cancer, which companies are complete greedy bastards (most are).

It’s a powerful feeling to know that with every dollar I spend I can support something good, instead of some greedy corporation. I’ll happily spend a little more money at a farmers market for fresh organic produce knowing the farmer will benefit and the food is fresh and healthier than anything you can find at a commercial grocery store.

And this is why I am vegan.


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