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My Love Affair with Switzerland

My Love Affair with Switzerland

IMG_4137editI think I have a love affair with Switzerland. It’s stunning beyond words, it’s laid back… thinking about it now I just want to go back. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but reading back through my diary from my first trip there brings back so many wonderful memories. I completely fell in love. See here:

“There are no words to describe how beautiful Switzerland is. I didn’t need days to fall in love, I just needed minutes. Everything is so unbelievably green, it looks like a fairytale. You hear birds instead of cars, you see misty mountains instead of smog. The water in the lakes is a perfect turquoise blue. If ever there was a heaven, I think it would look something like Switzerland.”

Now that is pure love.


My time spent in Switzerland was spent staying in the small town of Engelberg, about 35k outside of Lucerne. The town is tiny with a population of only about 3,800, but it is absolutely charming. Engelberg is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains and if that isn’t just the coolest little spot I don’t know what is.

The first day we dropped our stuff off at a cute little bed & breakfast, quickly ran to the store to buy some food, because Switzerland is NOT cheap, and had a picnic on our back patio. Fresh bread, fresh fruit, cheese (pre-vegan era), and good company. What more can you ask from life?

The next day was spent exploring Lucerne and headed up the Alps to Mount Pilatus. A gondola took us up, giving us a spectacular view, and once on top… speechless. The views were absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

We then took a train down the mountain on the other side, a boat back to Lucerne, and a bus back to Engelberg. Probably the most varied day of transportation I’ve ever had but each one was so scenic and special. I love every moment of it.

Unfortunately, my time in Switzerland was limited to only a few days but I will be back, I am sure of it. Our time together is not over yet!

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