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The Cutest Little Town in Germany | Lindau |

The Cutest Little Town in Germany | Lindau |

lindauOh cute little Lindau, how I absolutely adore you. From your pristine lake and cute little German town feel, you’re exactly what I picture a German town to be for my first time visiting there. You’re like a fairytale and a dream all mixed in one and I don’t want to leave you.

Lindau was the first place I went to my first time in Germany. I had been traveling for 4 weeks already, moving from city to city every 2-3 days and I was a bit exhausted. I saw a lot, did a lot, but I wanted a little R&R time. I needed to let everything I had just seen and done truly sink in. So I booked a week in Lindau to rest, recover, and just enjoy.


I’ll be completely honest with you guys, I struggled a bit in Lindau. It’s a beautiful town but having just spent the past 4 weeks with an amazing group of friends around me, I found it hard to be on my own once again. I missed my friends, I missed their company, and I just wanted some good people around me. Unfortunately, I got what I wanted which was rest, relaxation, and a little lone time as most of the people in the hostel I was staying in were either couples or families and the majority didn’t speak English. in fact, most of the town didn’t speak English and meine deutsch ist schlect.

However, I made it through. I spent my days renting a bicycle from the hostel and wandering to other towns, exploring the countryside and eating the best fresh cherries I’ve ever had from the local farms. I would stop in random places and get a beer, buy fresh baked bread and fruit and have a picnic, and just enjoyed the simplicity of being outside in such a beautiful place and embracing every moment. I thought through everything I had done in the past few weeks and how all of my dreams had been coming true. I swam in the lake and roamed the cute cobblestone roads. I really struggled with my German whenever I went into the stores. I figured out how to use sign language with people when they couldn’t understand my horrible German. It was good. A bit of a struggle but so so good.

One day I hope to go back to visit this quaint little town. Maybe I can bike around the entire lake like many people try and do. One day…



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